Green Cleaning Option

“We strive to clean in a manner that creates a healthy working atmosphere while being environmentally responsible”

Our clients have complete control over the type of chemicals we use to clean their office. Some prefer a specific scent that makes them happy and they associate with "smelling clean". Typically, green seal chemicals don't have added fragrances. We can use an environmentally friendly chemical that is not green seal approved but still has that fragrance you prefer. Or, we can use green cleaning options for chemicals and equipment customized to your needs and comfort level. Whichever route you choose does not effect the cost to clean your office. We accomplish this part of our mission statement in the following ways.

All the chemicals we use for daily maintenance in the green cleaning option are Green Seal certified. The high concentration along with the automated dilution system insures that the chemical we spray is properly mixed. No wasted chemical and no buying more plastic bottles every time a sprayer runs out.

All of our sprayers and bottles are clearly labeled so you know exactly what is being used to clean your office. You will be provided with the MSDS for each chemical we use.

High efficiency vacuums
Our high efficiency vacuums are designed to improve the indoor air quality in your office. The four level filtration system inside the vacuum captures 99.9% of what goes into the vacuum. So you can breath easier at work.

LEED Certification
The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System™ is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings.

The cleaning and maintenance schedules account for up to 14 points toward the 32 required for LEED certification. We can help you establish programs for your facility if you are interested in getting this certification.

Recycling programs
We can equip and maintain a recycling program for your office. All you have to do is put the right material in the correct bins and we’ll take care of the rest. This is an easy way to minimize our carbon footprint.

Different levels of green cleaning
We can customize a program that best suits your office. We understand that while all are concerned about the environment, not all can incorporate that concern in every office. We can simply use the Green Seal certified chemicals and stop there. We can move forward to recycled paper products and stop there or we can use The Green Seals environmental standard and be completely green. Whatever level of green cleaning that best suits your needs can be used.